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Development and Conservation of Aransas County's Waterways

Non-Liveaboard Rates: Annual Slip Lease; Payable Monthly in Advance   All vessels are required to be registered in the State of Texas and must have liability insurance coverage naming the ACND as additional insured.

Vessels up to and including twenty-five (25) feet in overall length as measured at the deck line $185.00 per month + (URF of $7.50 or $12.50 per month)
Vessels over twenty-five feet in overall length as measured at the deck line $185.00 plus $5.00 per foot for each foot, or portion of a foot, in excess of twenty-five feet plus the utility recovery fee of $7.50 or $12.50 per month (and any applicable electrical usage charges)

Liveaboard Fees:  There is a moratorium on liveaboards at the present time.

NOTE:“Liveaboard” situations will be governed under ACND rules stated elsewhere, this rate schedule is applicable only in situations determined by the Harbor Master to be allowable” liveaboard” situations. NOTE:“Liveaboard” authorizations granted after January 1, 2007, will require an annual contract and must be paid  quarterly, semi-annually, or annually in advance with no discount applied to the Liveaboard fee (discount still applies to dockage) In addition to standard dockage fees, vessels up to 60 feet in LOA that are granted “liveaboard” authorization will pay, the higher of either: (A.) an additional $110 per month which includes water, trash dumpster use, use of the shower/laundry facility, and electrical service of a single 110v. 30-amp connection.  OR  $135 per month with an upgraded electrical service with a single 220v.  50amp connection OR (B.) a Liveaboard fee of $50.00 plus the metered cost of electricity used.  The determination of the applicability of which fee schedule is most advantageous to the District and will be applied to an individual agreement will be made at the sole discretion of the Harbor Master.In addition to standard dockage fees, vessels over 60 feet in LOA will be required to pay an additional “liveaboard” fee to be determined prior to docking the vessel.


An additional charge of $25.00 will be added at the time any payment of portion of payment due becomes 10 days past due.  Past due procedures and applicability of additional "late charges" are outlined in each slip rental agreement form.

Available Discounts


Discounts listed below apply only to dockage.

Discounts are not applied to additional "Liveaboard Fees"

Advance Payment Discounts:

Tenants may receive a discount off their total payment due by making advance payments;

Three (3) months in advance                 3% discount

Six (6) months in advance                     7% discount

Twelve (12) months in advance           10% discount

In order to be eligible for advance payment discounts;

1.     Tenant must not be in default of any terms of any lease or rental agreement with ACND. 2.     Tenants must pay full amount due in advance for discount period. 3.     Discounts will not be applied to past due amounts

Commercial Vessel Discounts:

Tenants may receive a discount of twenty percent (20%) on their total payment due for Commercial Vessels. 

This discount will be in addition to any discounts applied for “advance payment”. 


In order to be eligible for the Commercial Vessel Discount:

1.     The tenant must provide documentation that the vessel is currently registered or licensed as a commercial vessel with the United States Coast Guard and any other required appropriate agencies.

2.     The tenant must not be in default of the terms of any contract or agreement with the District.  If the tenant becomes delinquent in the payment of any monies due the District or fails to maintain compliance with the terms of any District Policy or any other terms of any agreement with the District, the discounted rate will be terminated and the tenant will become responsible for the full rate or charges for use of the District’s facility from that point forward.  Such termination of the discount will be made at the sole discretion of the Harbor Master with notice of such termination being given to the tenant under the procedures for providing notice shown in the current slip lease agreement form used by the District.

3.     The tenant’s vessel for which the discount is requested must be the vessel permanently assigned to occupy a slip within the District’s facility.

4.     The tenant’s vessel for which the discount is requested must be on the tax rolls of Aransas County.

5.     The tenant shall pay before delinquency all ad valorem taxes against the vessel for which the discount is requested, provided that if LESSEE is in good faith contesting any of said taxes, they will timely pay such taxes, penalty and interest as the same are finally determined.

6.     The discount offered for commercial vessels will not be applied to charges for “Liveaboards” or to metered utilities.

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